Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 9-lb Boss of Me

Hi All!

Happy Hump Day people!

I just realized that I've shared a little about my hubby, friends, career, and school, but nothing about my other favorite pooch!

This is Jigga AKA Jiggy AKA Jiggaman AKA The Boss of Me:

Jiggy doing what he does best - BEGGING!!!

In 1997, My hubby was working on a work assignment in South Korea. He went to the pound in search of the perfect cat for some companionship while overseas and ended up with Jiggy, well, Scotty at the time. Hubs was sold once Jiggy extended his paw for a shake (one of his trademark moves). He renamed him Jiggy because he said one look at him in the pound, and he heard Jay-Z's (the original Jigga) Hard Knock Life playing in his head.

Like father, like son...smh.

Fast forward to 2009. I met Jiggy, who was about 12 years old at the time, during my first date with my hubby. We became fast friends.  Because I often work from home, we've developed our own special relationship. Hubs claims I've made Jiggy soft; I just like to think I've opened his heart with all of my girl energy :). When my husband, then fiance, and I were planning the wedding, I knew Jiggy couldn't be there because of building restrictions. Lo and behold, during the ceremony, I looked down, and guess who was there looking all handsome in his tux?!?!

My hubby, the groomsman and the Best Dog

He was such a big boy during the ceremony. I still dont' know how my husband was able to pull that one off!

Here's a few fun facts about my pooch: 

He HATES baths. I know a lot of folks' dogs hate baths, but he hates them in a growling-snapping-fighting sort of way.

His favorite spots are in his bed and under the dining room or living room tables. He likes to curl up in a little ball and snack (that's a new habit) or relax...for most of the day. I mean, he's almost 16, so what should you expect? 

In the picture above, note that he's snacking on a carrot. He LOVES them. This hasn't always been, though. About 2 years ago, we found out he was having issues with his kidneys, so the vet put him on a low-protein diet. He can have lots of different types of veggies, but he LIVES for carrots.

Getting at his carrot with BOTH paws! 

He's a ham for the camera. We often laugh when we look at pictures because he's a notorious photo-bomber! 

Just wanted to share a bit about my favorite boy. He's over 15 years old, and the vets have let us know that we know he won't be with us forever, but we cherish each and every day that we have with him. That's my fur baby! 

Until next time! 


  1. I love how he just shows up in your pictures!

  2. Yeah, he's a HOT mess, but he's so darn photogenic. :)

  3. I am surprised you didn't put his photo bomb when you posted a juice.

  4. My dog loves carrots too! She was getting a little bit on the chunky side so the vet recommended I give her carrots as treats instead of regular dog treats. And now she loooooooves herself some carrots.

    My dog is the opposite though when it comes to taking pictures. She's the opposite of a photobomber; she tries to get away from the camera. She hates getting her picture taken. She'll turn away or act really sad and then it's not even worth it to take her picture anymore because she looks all pitiful.