Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Word-for-the-Week Wednesday

My spirit was touched on Sunday. Hubs and I went to hear Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith at Howard Chapel. We got up, got dressed, juiced, and made our way to DC.

All I can say is wow. Little did we know the powerful message that was waiting for us.

Even while Rev. Beckwith might be a little "new agey" for some old school worshipers, he's alright with me! I tend to live at the progressive end of Christianity, so I saw his message so fitting for our world today. His love for God and his passion for God's people were palpable. I thank God for the vision to see past dogma and hear Him through all sorts of vessels. I love the Lord for making space for over-thinking, socially conscious, hippie-type Christians like me :)! And if nothing else, you have to love a man whose wife loves on him like this at the benediction:

Anyway, I'll leave you with a few of Dr. Beckwith's inspirational ideas to get us over the hump of the week. He talked about the social contracts that we make with each other and our responsibility to carry out God's work toward social justice.

**Inner cleanliness is a social contract that we make with the world. We have a responsibility to make sure that our 'inside persons' are clean and that our hearts are right as we go out and interact with others. In Rev. Beckwith's words, "Touch the realm of the Divine before you leave your house."

**We cannot see reality. We see our experiences. Our vision is often muddied by our insecurities, doubts, and fears. 

**Distinguish between facts and Truth (with a capital T). Even when we know the facts, we can always rely on the all-knowing, omniscient, and omnipresent Truth. 

**You don't describe what you see; you see what you describe. Have vision! 

**The question isn't, "Where is God?" but rather, "How do I reveal him in me?" We are living, walking, breathing testaments of His Word. 

**Just as God has place a rose bush in a seed and an orchard in an apple seed, he has planted everything in us. We need the right conditions for it to flourish. We have to create the conditions for growth and evolution. 

May the rest of your week be blessed. 

I just gave myself a word!!! 

Until next time...

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