Friday, February 8, 2013

Nope. We'll Never See Eye-to-Eye, Hubs!

Happy Friday!

I've shared some of the awesome and dorky things my hubby has hipped me to. Today I present a couple of things we'll never see eye-to-eye about.

Carvel Cake
Within the first couple of months of dating, Shawn and I spent his birthday together. I wanted to make it special, but we were just getting to know each other, so he had to help me with some ideas. He went on and on about his love for Carvel cakes. My only frame of reference when it came to ice cream cakes was Baskin Robbins, which I find awfully tasty. So, on the night of his birthday dinner, I presented his Carvel cake with the expectation of splurging and indulging. SO. NOT. THE. CASE!! I found Carvel cake to be disappointing for several reasons. I was left with a few questions, and I need answers!!!

  1. Where's the CAKE??? The ice cream cake was literally a big block of ice cream with some nasty little chocolate crumbles, which leads to my next question.
  2. What are those nasty little crumbles??? Are they meant to be "cake?" I'm not a big sweets eater, but when I fix my tastebuds for cake, I expect something of the bread/muffin variety. Those crunchy little crumbles, not so much. 
  3. Where is the quality ice cream??? I mean, maybe if the ice cream itself was rich and creamy, I could let the nasty little crumbles slide. I guess everybody can't be Blue Bell.
I bet East-Coast readers, especially one in particular, will take issue and vehemently disagree, and to him (and them) I say blog about Carvel cake's deliciousness on your own blog. Won't be happen 'round these parts. #teambluebell

The Eric Andre Show
Bless him, Lord. 
Mosey on over to the show's website and take a peek at some clips from the show. Do this and then come back. . .

Uh, yeah.

It's not that I don't like the show. I really don't get it. I think that may be the point of the show. . . maybe? In any case, Hubs feels the need to save them on the DVR and wait for me so we can watch several episodes back to back. Some of the scenes are funny, but as for the rest, I guess my funny bone just isn't as evolved as my husband's.

Because I'm Wife of the Year and I love my hubby, when the Eric Andre Show Live Tour came to DC, I couldn't miss the opportunity to take him to a show. What in the hell was I thinking?!? I survived it. I was mauled by the crowd, sprayed with a liquid that I pray was water, and I almost lost one of my favorite earrings, but I lived to tell the story. I think this picture my husband took during the show captured my overall feelings about it:
Note the almost-lost, hand-crafted earrings straight from the Motherland. I don't play about my accessories.

Let's just say there were cocktails consumed during and after the show. My nerves!!! Shout out to H Street Country Club for serving the BEST after-show Pimm's cup ever.  

Spiky Shoes
I am loving the spiky shoe trend. Hubs could absolutely do without it. The other night while winding down for the night, he walked in the room, and asked, "Where did you get those from?" with an air of contempt. Those is referring to these lovlies: 
Pardon my grainy photography
How could you not love them? I'm not necessarily a trendy girl. I tend to wear classic clothes and trendy, eclectic accessories, so these were a perfect addition to my shoe collection - comfy with just a touch of edge. He might as well get over his disdain, because these are here to stay! As a matter of fact, I see a pair of Sam Edelman pumps in my future as well. 

I like that we don't see eye-to-eye on everything. It keeps things interesting. One thing for sure we'll always see eye-eye about is our love for each other. Yeah, I took it to a mushy place. I just love him! 

Until next time. . . I'm off to watch the Eric Andre Show while eating Carvel cake (NOT). 

Make the most of your weekend! 


  1. I'm with you on the Carvel cake. Baskin Robbins' ice cream cakes are soooo much better.

    I can't view the link for that show (my job blocks it) but I'll take your word for it that it's awful. It doesn't even look appealing from that photo alone. I love your expression in that picture. I make that face often.

    And those shoes in particular are cute but I agree with your husband; in general, I don't get the whole spikes and studs trend that's going on. But I don't understand most fashion trends. I'm so unhip.

    1. I will be posting an official rebuttal to this article.

    2. Hey Nicole! Thanks for the support. Spikes ain't for everybody! It took me a while to get on board. Watch, they'll be out of style next week b/c I bought the shoes. The Eric Andre Show site is blocked at your job. Ha! Nuff said.

      @ Unknown: Bring it. Matter of fact, I'll post it here.