Friday, April 12, 2013

A Little Wife-Life Humor

Part of a conversation Hubs and I were having as we ran errands the other day:

Me: Sooo . . . you really didn't notice that I picked up quite a few pounds after the wedding?

Hubs: Nope. 

Me: Seriously?!?! I gained about X pounds. 

Hubs: Nah, didn't notice. You always look good to me. 

Me: Well, you know I've lost a good amount of it. Can you tell?

Hubs: Oh yeah! I can definitely tell! 

Me: You've been reading your husband manual. Way to go, babe! I love you. 

I think we're figuring this marriage thing out ;).  Happy Friday, everybody.

Until next time . . . y'all have a great weekend!


  1. LOL! That's cute. Your hubby has learned when to speak and when to tread lightly. :)

  2. Yes!! These conversations are learned! Just nod and smile is what I tell my husband all of the time!!

    1. Slowly but surely he's learning. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I love your blog! I started following yours a while ago when you mentioned in one of your posts that you're a Rattler. #bleedorangeandgreen ;)

  3. Lol Toya! Mine on the other hand tells me when I losing weight, tells me I look better thicker and then will go and get my favorite shake from Chick Fil A... Smh.... Someone needs to hand him a copy of this manual.