Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On Celebrating Change

Happy Tuesday! As I've shared in another post, old-school gospel music runs through my veins, so today I present Changed by Walter Hawkins for your listening pleasure:
I wasn't even born when this masterpiece was created. 

What's that saying? The only thing certain in life is change. Amen and amen again. I've been thinking about how much change, both good and bad, I've weathered in the last few years - new career path, new home, new marriage, aging parents, illness, death, etc. A few years ago, I used to sit around and wonder when my "real life" was gonna happen. Bay-bay! It came full on and all at once. No complaints about the monotony of life over here, but I refuse to complain about all of the change either.

So today I'm here to celebrate change, no matter how big or small. Here's to:
. . . the new bootcamp class I'm attending this morning because my trainer Cindy is moving away.
. . . the weight I will lose and the muscle I will gain
. . . the spring weather we're FINALLY experiencing!!!
. . . the little lives Hubs and I have yet to welcome to the world
. . . the new friends we'll make
. . . the houses we have yet to live in and make homes
. . . the pets we have yet to parent (Yup, we've decided we'll get another pet in the near future!)
. . . the new hairstyles I intend to try out (including a big chop!)
. . . the successful dissertation defense
. . . the new job on the horizon
. . . the countries we will travel
. . . the anniversaries we will celebrate
. . . the change I haven't even anticipated!

So not only am I anticipating change, but I'm grateful my head and heart have been changed to accept change and keep on moving.

Until next time . . . embrace change, make change, and be a change agent!

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