Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make your ears happy: Laid-Back Edition

Happy Thursday!

So today I want to share some songs and artists that put me in a laid-back mood.

I was perusing Twitter yesterday, and saw the following:

I love Jill Scott, and those of you who've been reading for a minute know that Robert and I have been framily (family-friends) forever.  So I clicked on the YouTube link and watched the short film about the making of Jill Scott's next album - a lullaby album.  <3

I can't get the video work, so check it out here.

Anyway, she featured this group called Moonchild in the video, and said that the lead singer had the purest voice she'd ever heard.  Jill ain't lying. Go on and make your ears happy and check out Moonchild, my favorite group of the moment! Enjoy!

They sorta give me a Liquid-Spirits-if-Norah-Jones-was-the-lead-singer feel (PS: Check them out, too!).  Moonchild will be on repeat for a minute.

Speaking of some of my favorite laid-back tunes as of late, y'all heard of Miles Bonny and his "Lumberjack Soul" (ha!)? I just happened to hear a song of his that led me to his site.  Check him out!

I have to thank Miles Bonny for the completion of Chapter 4 of my dissertation.  I wrote the whole thing to his catalog.

Ok, One more group!

I was reading blogs a few months ago, and someone posted this song by Hawk House, a London-based trio, and I was SOLD!!!

Yeah, great, right? go download the EP here.

I'm off to a practice dissertation defense with my classmates. Monday is a'comin!!!

Until next time . . . buy/download these albums!

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