Friday, May 2, 2014

I've been . . .

Hey y'all! Happy Friday. We survived the week!

A bump update - 6.5 months!!! 

I saw this list on some blogs that I follow, and I thought it would be a nice way to share a little bit of what's happening in my world. Lately I've been . . .

Making: room for baby stuff. We are in the midst of a HUGE purge
Cooking: a roast that melted in my mouth with carrots and potatoes.
Drinking: spa water with lemon, ginger, cucumber, and mint. Yum!
Reading: my students’ papers. Whew!
Wanting: this semester to be totally over.
Looking: at bassinets that expand to cribs.
Playing: some of my favorite songs near my tummy so SHE (yes, SHE) can hear them.
Wasting: time when I should be grading papers.
Wishing: this semester was totally over.
Enjoying: watching my tummy move. She’s a kicker!
Waiting: for all these back-to-back meetings at work to end. Ugh.
Liking: the project I'm working on this summer.
Wondering: if the US government will intervene and help to bring the Nigerian school girls home to safety.
Loving: my husband for picking up some of my slack and being really patient with me.
Hoping: that Tyson (our dog) adjusts to the baby. He’s spoiled.
Marveling: at all that I accomplished this year, while simultaneously lamenting that I didn’t do enough.
Wondering: What our baby will look like. We did the 3-D ultrasound the other week, and I swear she has my nose and my hubby's mouth.
Needing: a deep tissue massage.
Smelling: new perfumes. I need a warm-weather scent.
Wearing: dresses for comfort (when the weather allows. . . smh).
Following: my dreams, even when it doesn’t feel like I thought it would to reach them.
Noticing: all the little changes in my body.
Knowing: that things always works out for my good.
Thinking: when will this semester be over, Lord?!?
Feeling: excited because my sister is on her way to visit this weekend.
Bookmarking: lots of baby advice on Pinterest.
Opening: emails when I should let them wait until the next day.
Giggling: at our dog Tyson. He’s a clown.
Feeling: blessed, overworked, excited, and tired. Did I mention I’m ready for the semester to end?

What have y'all been up to? What are you thinking, making, marveling?

Until next time . . . I'll be waddling to the finish line of this semester. . . *sigh.* 


  1. Look at your belly! Yes, all of the amazing changes your body through to grow a baby is amazing.

    I'm thinking I can't believe the school year is already over and I need to find things to do to keep the children busy.

    I'm planning on making a wreath for my front door this weekend. Matter of fact I just finished making a list of the items I need to grab from Hobby Lobby.

    I'm marveling at the fact that I have come so far in my journey to true happiness. Glad I made it!!