Monday, December 31, 2012

For my mother

I read this and I thought about my mom. I sent it to my sister, and she cried. I dedicate this to the most amazing woman. Her love and her sacrifice made the life that I live possible. Here's a picture of her from my wedding. Isn't she lovely, y'all?

Lucy and her girls
by Lucille Clifton
lucy is the ocean
extended by
her girls
are the river
fed by
is the sun
reflected through
her girls
are the moon
lighted by
is the history of
her girls
are the place where
was going

This poem is by Lucille Clifton, one of my favorite poets. She really captures what makes being a Black girl so special, at least for me anyway. Learn about her! She passed a few years ago, but she's left a legacy through her words.

I find this poem ironic, not only because it reminds me of my mom, but also because Lucy is the name of one of my closest aunts who is very much a "lucy" to her daughter as well.

Hug all the Lucys in your life today. Let them know that they are loved.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the election...

I haven't posted here in forever. Last night's election was just the impetus I needed to write. 

First and foremost...FOUR MORE YEARS!!!! YAY!!!

I've been on Facebook this morning taking in people's reactions. To say folks are polarized is an understatement. I just read on someone's page that today should be a day of healing and reconciliation. I totally agree. The raw emotions of joy, anticipation, grief, and anger are palpable. Voting for President Obama doesn't make you a devil-loving heathen and doesn't mean you agree with all of his policies. Did you know you can love God and vote Democrat? They aren't mutally exclusive. It doesn't make you narrow-minded and prejudice to be Black and to support a Black candidate. His win doesn't mean America, and specifically Black America, will improve unless we roll up our sleeves to work while holding our President accountable for directly addressing issues that affect us. 

Let's all try try to be respectful as we stand for what we believe in. I hope this next term brings some peace and respect for the office of the Presidency. It's disheartening to see "patriotic" people disrespecting the leader of our nation. I hope President Obama makes good on moving us forward. I hope the GOP figures out how to be viable and relevant for a changing world. I know some awesome Republicans. I'm even related to somel LOL. All of their ideas aren't bad, but they allow the ignorant and disconnected to have too much control over their message. The socialist and welfare comments are tired and stupid. Trust, our president is a capitalist. I pray that Republicans and Democrats can find a way to work together. I hope Republicans want to cooperate. Finally, I hope President Obama goes hard when he needs to get something done. Just put your big hand down sometimes, Mr. President!!!

I'm so glad to see this political campaign season come to a close. I was tired of flyers, posters, texts, calls, and visits. I get that it's important, but whew!!!! I'm new to swing state living. May God bless America, all of it, even the ugly, subliminally and overtly racist and classist parts I don't like.  We're commanded to pray for and love our enemies. 

Here's to four more years of the FLOTUS's fabulousness. May she continue to style on y'all.