Thursday, May 19, 2016

Make Your Ears Happy: Chance the Rapper

I've told y'all before that my favorite genres of music are gospel and hip hop. When the two merge...listen.

So, when Hubs rushed home from work on some, "Come downstairs; you've gotta hear this. It's your speed," I hightailed it to the basement. Let's just say, my ears aren't the same.

If I were using emojis, this post would be full of flames and 100s.

This album is everything.

Honestly, this feels like what The Life of Pablo wanted to be, but the lyrics are amazing (Kanye's bleach/t-shirt lyric destroyed one of the best beats I've heard in years) . I must note, however, that the Kanye influence is definitely recognizable.

Best part - THIS JOINT IS $FREE.99!!! Go on and stream/download it.

The preacher's daughter who is in love with breakbeats is a happy camper right now.  Listening to this gave me an opportunity to share some of my favorite gospel songs with my husband.

And don't get me started on the Chance-Jay Electronica cut.

Chancelor Bennet - You did that!!!

Until next time, I'm over here praising and nodding my head.