Friday, September 30, 2016

There's always more, right?

I'm working through a life/work lesson at the moment.

I'm stuck between

"There's always more of what you're not afraid to give away"
"Don't give too much away."

I'm learning how to share but be protective of my stuff at the same time. I want to share, but what a punch in the stomach to see your work and your passion filtered through someone else's lens, especially when it was your passion and your ideas that sparked the flame. Ugh...

Lord, bless this academic journey. Amen.

Until next time...still writing, still surviving, still thriving (I think???).

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

On Performing Patriotism

Performativity, simply put, is is the capacity of speech and communication to construct and perform an identity. Researchers like Judith Butler take it a step further and argue that identities are caused or created by performative actions, behaviors, and gestures.

I read this post the other night, and it's still on my mind.
"You stand for the national anthem at sporting events. Big deal. I’m guessing you don’t when you’re out to eat and a game is on. Or when you’re watching the game at home. Nope. Only when people can see you and judge you for how patriotic they think you are." - post on Scary Mommy site
This writer succinctly captures the idea of patriotism as performance. Long story short, the people who are performing patriotism get on my damn nerves.

I watched the #TerenceCrutcher video. I'm so exhausted by these hashtags. I just heard about the father of 7 killed in his car while reading a book that was mistaken for a gun.

And folks are still confused about why people are outraged and why folks are kneeling?

A weak argument conflating military appreciation and standing for the anthem would get a revise/resubmit in my class.


The Daughter of a Wounded Vietnam War Veteran

Until next time, y'all keep on pushing. I'm trying.