I never knew that I liked to write for pleasure . . . until I started writing this blog. 

I'm TJ, a 30-something newlywed who just finished my Ph.D. and beginning a career as a professor.  I started this blog in 2011 as a way to chronicle my engagement and wedding planning.  That so did not happen.  Life got the best of me, but around late December 2012, I revisited this space, and now I've decided to relaunch and to write consistently. 

I love fashion.  I love writing about education topics.  I love writing about music.  I love writing about personal growth.  I love writing about food and nutrition.  So this blog is a hodgepodge of sorts.  It's a chronicle of what's happening in my mind and heart as I navigate my way to the dissertation finish line.  It's about the people and things that I love.  It's a place to write without the grammar and style police standing over my shoulder. 

Thanks for stopping by and giving my little blog a read. Enjoy, participate, and please tell a friend!

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  1. thanks for stopping by politics and fashion! we both seem to have blogs that are "hodgepodge of sorts," but aregreat expressions of our identity.