Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Making Love Public

Hey Folks! Happy Tuesday!  I'm still over here feverishly plugging away, but it's almost over.  I send my dissertation to my committee next Monday! There's so much to do!!!!

I started this post last week, and I forgot to share it, so here it is! Enjoy!
First, a little music, Spread Love by Take 6.

My hubby's celebrity crush used to be Kerry Washington.  All I used to hear about was "Kerry Washington this." and "Kerry Washington that."  Remember when Facebook used to have all kinds of quizzes you could take?  Well, he took a quiz about his top 5 celebrity crushes, and guess who filled all 5 slots? Yeah . . . He had it bad. Over the years, his obsession admiration for her has waned a bit.  He was a bigger fan of "She Hate Me" Kerry than Olivia Pope, so now I have him all to myself again.  Anyway, when the news of her extra private wedding ceremony hit the news, I checked in with him to make sure he was ok, and he seemed to be doing alright.

Besides making sure my hubby was gonna survive the news, Kerry's secret nuptials got me to thinking about how my husband and I have made our love incredibly public.  I'm willing to bet that about half of my posts mention my love for him in some sort of way. I've shared details about our wedding and funny stories about becoming a wife.  We post on each other's Facebook walls and snap pics of each other on Instagram.

On the other hand, we know people who are extremely private about their relationships.  We recently celebrated the engagement of a friend who we didn't even know was dating anyone.  Some folks are extra private like that, and I respect it.  That's just now how The Mister and I roll.  Now I understand Kerry's reasons for keeping it so quiet.  She's become a huge public figure, and everything she does makes the news.  But as for me and my little ole regular life . . .

Making my love public is my testimony.
Sharing my love for my husband keeps me accountable.
Sharing our love with others gives him a little ego stroke ;).
Sharing our love keeps other people inspired, and in turn, we're inspired by folks who share their love with us. 

There are some things about love and marriage that deserve to remain secret and sacred, and we honor the sanctity of those things.  But the good, fun, and the challenging parts that we think others can relate to - we don't mind sharing.  It connects us to other couples, and lets us know we're not all alone.

And even if, by some strange turn of events, we part ways, I have been blessed to know what unconditional, unashamed, unabashed love feels like, and I'm all the better for knowing it and sharing it with others.

Until next time . . . we'll be over here spreading our love!

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