Thursday, April 7, 2016

I've been...

It's been forever since I said hi. Hey, y'all!

Just checking in while I write, survive, and thrive (well, try to anyway). Lately I've been...

Making: little to no time for the things that sustain me . . . reading, exercising, going out with my girlfriends, blogging. A change is coming!

Cooking: meatloaf muffins and smashed, cheesy cauliflower.  It's the way I get my little person to eat her veggies.

Drinking: way too much coffee. Little Miss TJ's daycare puts it out every morning for parents, so I (over)indulge.

Reading: one of my doctoral student's papers on equity in mathematics education. She's got it, y'all. Total star in the making. I'm going to take some credit. :)

Wanting: a new Fitbit, but one that I wear like a watch.  I just washed the One that you clip to your bra/pocket. This is #3.

Looking: at comforters to redecorate our master bedroom.  It is the barest space in the house. I'm designing with the word "sexy sanctuary" in mind.

Playing: games on my phone as I think through an article I'm trying to write that's giving me the blues.

Wasting: time when I should be grading papers. Same answer as before. At least I'm consistent.

Wishing: for a nap.

Enjoying: watching Little Miss TJ make sense of the world.

Um...could y'all hurry up?!? I'm Easter fresh. It's time to style on the other babies.
Waiting: for my final meeting of the day.

Liking: Brooklyn's Own by Joey Badass. 

Wondering: What Little Miss TJ is doing at school right now.

I hate that she has to wear uniforms, but we find ways to jazz it up. 

Loving: the idea of being a Slow Professor. Busy culture is overrated.

Hoping: that my rental property sells really soon. Say a prayer for me.

Marveling: at my awesome wash & go from the other day. It's all about product and application.

First wash & go EVER in almost 17 years! This pic doesn't even come
close to showing y'all how my curls were *popping* in person

Wondering: if Sesame Place is a too much for Little Miss TJ's 2nd birthday. Lord Jesus, she's almost 2 years old.

Needing: a solo vacation.

Smelling: like Givenchy Ange ou Demon. Mmmm.

Wearing: the same shit over and over because I refuse to give up on fitting all of my pre-baby clothes.

Following: some fun new mommy blogs, which inspired me to visit my own.

Noticing: that things run so much smoother when I plan ahead. Duh.

Creating: beautiful programs for my sister's wedding. It was awesome.

Knowing: that I need to network rub some elbows at a conference this weekend.

Thinking: how can I carve out meaningful time with my husband and myself. Life is so go, go, go at the moment.

Bookmarking: cute haircuts. It's almost time for another big chop!

Giggling: at my group text messages. Mess. LOL.

Feeling: like I have something really special to give the world, but I haven't quite tapped into it yet. It's coming.

What have y'all been up to? What are you thinking, making, marveling?

Until next time . . . 


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