Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Getting Grown

Over the last week I've had random conversations with my friends and hubby about the following:

  • Random joint pain 
  • ovulation 
  • eye creams & nighttime serums; and 
  • dietary changes 

All of these convos have led me to one conclusion: I am not 22 anymore, though I sometimes feel like I am in my heart.

I'm not chasing the fountain of youth. I thank God for every year he allows me to see, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to preserve.  I've found that as the years pass, seeing big physical changes require a more concentrated effort. If I did half of what I do right now when I was in my 20's, I'd have been a toothpick.  That is so not the case at 36.  I don't even want toothpick, I want leaner and fitter. I want to be my best self.

So in my effort to keep it all together, I've been doing some serious conferencing with myself. I think that a few minor changes will usher me into health and wellness as I stand at the threshold of my late 30's.  Here are a few of the changes I've been making:

Eliminating large amounts of sugar, especially the processed kind.  Juice, jelly, ketchup, syrup - all things I rarely consume, but I think I can go harder.  I've seen the benefits of eliminating high amounts processed sugar, thus I'm going to try to limit my intake to small amounts of natural sugar from fruit and green juices and an occasional cup of coffee with hazelnut cream, no sugar.

Upping my water intake. I also know the benefit of this practice. Given my exercise routine, upping my water intake is a MUST. Plus, since I'm cutting sugar, I should be subbing juice for water anyway. Sparkling water rocks!
I can't get enough of these right here!!! They give me my soda fix. 
Cheating with food that's worth it. I am going to really begin to enforce #8 on this list.  I'm all for moderation, so you'll never hear me say, "I don't eat dessert or bread EVER," but I do believe splurging needs guidelines. I'm going to start making my splurges worth it. If I'm eating a roll, it should be freshly baked and made with love. If I'm splurging on dessert, it has to be better than Carvel cake. (Hey, Hubs! Sorry!)

These homemade au gratin potatoes from Valentine's Day - TOTALLY worth it! 
Exercise is a must.  Yeah, most weight loss happens in the kitchen, but a healthy body also happens at the gym. I've hit a point where exercise is a must. I like a little muscle definition.  I love the after-gym burn.  I have to keep my heart healthy. None of these things are possible without exercising. Whether it's climbing Jacob's Ladder with Cindy, or getting it in at home, exercise has become a non-negotiable.
I'm in love with these beauties. Looking down at these during a workout makes me happy! 
I'll keep you posted on my progress to get to my leaner, fitter, healthier self.  Feel free to join me!  Let me know how you're working toward your best self in the comments below.

May your Tuesday be magical. I'm headed to campus for the rest of the day. I've packed my lunch and planned my meals. Just pray my patience through these looooong, sedentary meetings.

Until next time . . . I'm off to try to log some steps on my FitBit!

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  1. One again Carvel has been given a bad rap by your blog. Outside of the false accusations of how bad Carvel cakes are, it was another amazing blog post :-)!