Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inauguration Weekend: Celebrations All Around (Part 3: Balliiiiin')

Warning: This post is long and picture heavy.

So we were ballin' on Monday!
Not the Jim Jones, hip-hop kinda balling:

But attending the official Inaugural Ball with our framily (friends who have become family; picked that up from other peoples' blog lingo;)).

I've shared our super busy weekend and the hustle to get my look together for the ball; now it's time to recap the evening.

We went with one of Shawn's best friend, Dr. J, and one of his friends.  They came over to our house, and we all got ready to go.
 Working on Dr. J's bow tie
And, of course, we had to do a pre-gala photo shoot before we left the house.
Me and my faux fur
These pics taken by my wonderful hubby with his fancy camera
And then a couple of shots in the car:
Check out the pinky. He's so classy! Insert eye roll >>here<<

Just want to point out my eyeshadow. Lauren at the MAC store worked it OWT! 
We decided to go to dinner before the event so that we could get downtown early and hopefully find parking. It worked. We found a parking spot about 2 blocks from the venue, canceled our reservations at a restaurant that was a little farther away, and decided to have dinner at a restaurant nearby. And, as expected, there were more photos at dinner. 

Two of my favorite guys! 
After a delicious dinner, we bundled up...
...and made our journey to the Washington Convention Center. And once we were there, we snapped pics of EVERYTHING. We wanted to capture every little moment. I'll leave you with some of my favorite pics and a little video of the President and First Lady being serenaded by Jennifer Hudson! 

Yeah, I said we took pics of everything. 

Folks making their way to the ball

Jennifer Hudson serenading President and First Lady Obama 
The guys were excited to bump into Jimmy Jam 
Hubby with Dr. J and Dr. J's dad

A shot of our group at the end of the night; Dr. J's mom and dad are the best! 
Hubs representing his home state
Hubs representing where we call home
Representing for my home state

A blurry President and First Lady dancing

Could we act like we've been somewhere before??? 
Until next time...


  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. And it looks like you had just as much fun as I did during Inauguration! Hope to see you around the blogosphere more often.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a message. I'm still figuring out this blogging thing, but I'm really enjoying it. I'll definitely be around. Your posts are an inspiration.

      Wasn't the weekend amazing?!?

  2. I'm so jealous! Look at how close you were to the president and the first lady! LUCKY!

    I was out of the country for the inauguration. Judging from the news when I returned, the only things that happened at the inauguration were (1) Beyonce may have lip-synched and (2) Michelle Obama got bangs and wore a really cute coat.

    I have yet to hear or see a single clip of what Barack Obama actually said at the inauguration. :-(

  3. We had a blast. It's something I can share with my kids one day.

    You're right- pop culture took over the inauguration. It was moving. I enjoyed the president's speech. I'm a fan and a critic, so I thought he made some great points, but, as always, I wanted him to go harder. What I did appreciate was his direct address of some awful rhetoric from the Right. What I really loved was the poem. It touched my heart.

    Thanks for coming by! I'm grateful for everyone who takes the time to leave a message. I'm new at this, so it's encouraging.