Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Inner Clair Huxtables

My plan for the week is to tap into my inner Clair Huxtable. I, like many women of my age range, have an appreciation and fascination for Dr. Huxtable's wife. I loved her when I was a little girl watching the Cosby Show, but as I've become a woman and, now, a wife, I love her on a whole new level. She's the inspiration for my twitter handle and my Instagram account.

Why Clair? Because she's smart, witty, classy, driven, brilliant, and refined. She went to an HBCU. She loved her man. She nurtured her kids - birthed five of them, and was still looking good! I love her for all of those things, but what do I love about her most? She nurtured HERSELF so she'd have something to give to them. She set the tone for her house. Cliff adored her. Her kids knew she didn't play, but they also knew that they could count on her for a hug. And Clair got people together when needed. Exhibit A:

Claire betta read Elvin!
Sure, real-life prototypes exist. When times get tough, I have some close-to-home Clairs that I can call on. Some may even hold me in Clair Huxtable-style esteem. I know for sure I'm on my way. So yeah, Clair isn't real, but what she represents is. She's stands for most of the things that I love about the women in my circle. She's represets the qualities of the woman I am and the one I'm becoming. Let's hear it for my girl!

Claire Huxtable meets Hip Hop; does it get any better than this???

So, as I start this busy week filled with meetings and work and dissertation writing, and I feel a little bit of self doubt start to creep in, I'll tap into my inner Clair. I'll breathe deeply, say a prayer, and keep going. I know she would.

Make the best of your Monday! Tap into your Inner Clair if you need to.

Do you have an inner Clair? Please feel free to share who you look to, real or fiction, for inspiration.

Until next time...


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I loooved the Cosby's growing up and strive to be like Miss Claire as well!! Its so had though and she made it look very easy!

  2. A visitor!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm new to this thing, so comments make me all giddy. You're right, she did make it look easy, didn't she?

  3. Best to you in your writing and surviving. Go ahead and put in defending, the next step the Claire in you and the you in you will do with grace, pride, and mastery.

  4. This was so amusing to me because I chose my obstetrician because he was so Cliff Huxtable. I'm glad you're channeling Clair. She's a powerhouse of awesome.