Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivational Monday

Here's a little something to get your Monday going, to remind all of us to stay in the good fight.  Today I'd like to share two pieces of art that I use for personal motivation and encouragement.

This right here is about to rock your world:

Every few months, I have to revisit this video.  This is Sunni Patterson - New Orleanian, poet, word magician.  I love every word of this poem.  I love the way the performs it with her son nestled against her chest. I love how she rubs his back from time to time as she recites words that feel like an elixir.  She offers her thesis on humanity and suffering and standing for each other and loving and protecting our young.  She leaves us with the charge to serve.  She takes us to school.  She touches my heart.

My favorite lines:
"Wherever you go the holiest of holies is present in the form of you."
"They can spare us the drama. We got the hearts of them field-workin' mamas." Yes!  Gives me chills every time I hear it.
"Who will stand in this hour?  Who will protect our babies from the system that devours?"

I've been getting all of these little messages about perseverance and persistance.  It's amazing how we get the right word at the right time.  On Saturday night, Hubs and I went to hear Gretchen Parlato (learn about her, PUH-LEASE! It'll make your ears so happy. Promise.).  In the midst of all of the love songs, one line from one song, Circling, has been playing in my head over and over.  First, here's Parlato's Circling:
Her lyric " 'Cause when you think you've lost, you've won. You've found another chance to see sun." These words did something to me the other night.  They reminded me to stay in a place of gratefulness.  I live a wonderful, full, and blessed life, but sometimes all of the surface BS can cloud my vision.  Just the blessing of seeing a new sunrise (at an earlier hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time) is a blessing because we get a chance to start over and try again.  There is no losing if we think this way.  Yes, there are detours, and we may have to reroute, but this Monday morning, I'm thankful for the chance to see another sun. I'm thankful for the opportunity to reboot.  Do the same and let me know what comes into fruition in your life.

Let's go kick this week's a$$!

Until next time . . . be grateful for the rising of another sun.

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