Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Little Crumbsnatchers

Happy Tuesday! First, a little mood music for this post. Today I present Talib Kweli's Oh My Stars for your listening pleasure: 

This is one of my favorite songs about parenthood. 

Dear friends and readers: This is NOT a pregnancy announcement!

Above is a picture of my newest little friend and me from the weekend. I met him at one of the BEST BABY SHOWERS EVER! This wasn't one of those little run-of-the-mill type showers. Uh-uh. It was in a gorgeous space with great food, fun games, and awesome cocktails.  Well, I noticed this little guy giving me the eye all afternoon, so I finally went over and said hi and we became fast friends, and my ovaries started doing cartwheels.

Being at the shower and talking baby talk with other newlyweds has me thinking about the near future and what's in store for us. Hubs and I want to take the plunge and start a family. We have almost a year under our belt, graduation is on the horizon, and we're in a place financially and emotionally that we could handle it. I'm really excited about the prospect of the motherhood, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I also have a million questions. Some of the most pressing include:

~ Am I ready to give up all of my free time?
~ How do moms make time for themselves it with little ones? I'm tired from just taking care of Hubs and myself.
~ How do I navigate a job hunt if I'm "with child"? ("With child" sounds so grown up!)
~ How does one stay at the top of their career while caring for little ones? (Yes, oneS.  We'd like a couple of kids)
~ How will children change our marriage? Our friendships?
~ How will motherhood change my personality?

We live a relatively carefree life. We sleep in whenever we have the chance. If we don't feel like cooking, we order out. We come and go as we please. We have a fair amount of disposable income. Hubs and I know that having babies will change most of this, so we plan to live it up until we get the big news. We have plans to travel, and concert hop and get in shape. I'd personally like to go into pregnancy at bobble head status a lower weight for health purposes and the hope of being able to snap back in reasonable time. Hey, I'm in my  mid-30's, and I'm trying to preserve.

Any mommies reading this blog? Any answers to the questions above?

Until next time . . . I'm over here thinking about baby names.


  1. I've been feeling the same exact way for the past year or so (im sure my age has a lot to do with it)... The biggest issue I have is NOT having a husband to take the journey with.. So I send you nothing but positive vibes and blessings!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm sending lots of good wishes your way, too! May you get everything that your heart desires in a mate . . . and more. I believe in speaking things into existence. Thanks for stopping by and reading.