Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Why Writing is Scary

So yesterday I was a bit more personal than I normally am on here. I shared a bit about our desire to have a family and our plans for the near future to start one. I almost didn't click the publish button. Later in the day I realized that my husband shared the link on his Facebook page. He has over 1,500 "friends." It took everything in me not to delete the post.

I always have a tinge of anxiety when I write. Every time I press the publish button, I feel butterflies. Every time I or someone else tweets or posts a link to a blog entry, I go into a slight state of panic. Writing and sharing in a public space opens me up to scrutiny from strangers and friends and family. Writing about things I'm passionate about opens me up to naysayers and critics. I know all of this, and yet I can't stop writing. There's something so freeing about having a space to share what's on your mind. You toss it out to the world, and you see if anyone is on the same page with you.

I'm so new to this, but even in my short amount of time I've had the opportunity to "meet" some really sweet folks - some from other blogs I really love, others who are complete strangers but tweet and/or comment to say, "Hey, I like your stuff." I've even gotten some texts from my husband's our friends to tell me that they enjoy reading the blog. As I've said before, had I known writing was this freeing, I'd have started a long time ago. Even though I'm damn near on the verge of fainting every time I press the publish button, I'm going to keep writing . . . and surviving.

Until next time . . . I'm gonna keep pressing "Publish."

Thank you for reading.

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