Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy Friday folks! Can y'all believe it's already March?

Today I present Sometimes by Bilal for your listening pleasure. This song is full of random musings, just like this post.

I have a whole lot of stuff on my mind. Im writing this late at night so that it will post in the morning. I've been working on my dissertation all day, so my brain is fried.  Instead of trying to craft something cohesive, I think I'll just get some of this randomness out of my head like Bilal did.

I miss my husband all day long.  Like ALL . . . DAY. . . LONG when we're apart - even when I want to box him in the nose!  I secretly get happy when he calls in sick to work, but not because I want him to be sick.  I just like having him at home with me.  I told him the other day, "I wish I could just lock you in the house with me all day," and despite sounding like a crazy stalker, he got it! I just really like (and love) him, and I really like having him around.  I woke up the other morning and realized he'd stayed home and almost did a cartwheel.  You'd think we're really snuggly, but nope, we're not.  We actually spend quite a bit of time doing our own things.  I just like knowing that he's here for me to work his nerves.

I listen to Dave Ramsey podcasts when I cook and clean the kitchen. He's a bit conservative, but he has me thinking about debt in new ways.  Go 'head and get into his debt snowballing.

I tend to write and edit my academic papers in 3 colors. Black is the original text. Red is reserved for text that is in response to my advisor's feedback. Blue is for new ideas and ones that need to be fleshed out.

Speaking of academics, my dissertation chair ROCKS.  Like, I'm really, really sweet on him (in a professional way, of course).  He's smart, funny, accessible, and super supportive.  He always sets me up to shine.  Any favor he asks, I'm on it.  I admire him because our relationship is familiar but still comfortably distant.  He may need a separate post.  I can't wait to graduate to give him a big ole hug and friend him on social media.  See, we keep it close but comfortably distant. That's still my boo-shnick, though.

I don't set goals. It really sounds worse than it is.  It's been working for the last 36 years, so I'mma keep rolling with it.  None of that "I'm going to do X by the time I'm Y years old." I just live with purpose. I'll give an example.  Instead of saying, "I want to land a job at Company/University XYZ," I just say, "I want a job where I can help children and work on issues regarding math and equity." See the difference?  Replacing goals with purpose leaves me open for life's curveballs. It leaves me open to receive what may be even greater that what I anticipated.  I am forever grateful for a professor I met during my master's program who hipped me to this way of thinking.

Wait! I'm lying! I have one goal - graduate in the first half of 2013, but even if I don't finish before June, I'm still finishing THIS YEAR. Heard that, Lord?

I'm sick of Olivia and Fitz.  I don't want them to be together.  Olivia needs some good girlfriends, like, really, really badly.  Y'all stop keeping hope alive for that mess.  Also, while I'm talking about Scandal, nobody told me that there wouldn't be a new episode until March 21st.  I broke my neck at the library with the goal of coming home and watching Scandal to unwind. Bubble busted. I guess I'll have to endure Project Runway until Scandal comes back, but I can't stay awake during the show. It's lost its shine and brilliance.  Plus Michael Kors left the show.  Its only redeeming part is Tim Gunn.  The snoozefest that it's become is karma for robbing Korto.  In the infamous words of Ms. Celie "Until they do right by Korto, everything they think about is gonna crumble." Hmph.

On the subject of TV, every time I watch Martin and Gina go to Chilligan's Island and fight that critter, I can barely breathe. It's one of the best episodes of the show.

I'm in tears right now. Hilarious. 
The only episodes, in my opinion, to rival this one are the one with Tommy Hearns and the headboard incident.  

I love my sister. She's so wise. She always gets me together.  I miss her.  I can't wait to see her so we can laugh for hours about jokes that are only funny to us.

I'm afraid of the lady who threads my eyebrows.  I'm nervous to tweeze between visits.  She warned me not to do it, but one time I couldn't get to her and I had an event to attend, so I did a little clean up.  Never again. She let me have it.  Oh yeah, she also decides her own tip. I mean brows are only $5, so it's not like she's robbing me blind or anything, but if I give her $10, I'm used to getting back whatever she decides.  Ha!  I'm getting punked!  She also doesn't play that tardiness mess either.  Trust, when I get to P's place of business, I'm on time with bushy brows and a good tip.

I saw writing as a chore until I started writing the blog.  I had become overwhelmed with the writing process because of grad school.  I'm not sure who reads or if anyone besides my hubby, sister, and one of my best girlfriends subscribes to it, but I'll keep writing.  It's therapeutic.  No grammar and punctuation police here.  If you are here, please go away!  Writing here clears my head of the clutter so I can focus on the dissertation.  I wish I had started sooner.  Well, I did. I thought this was going to be a blog about wedding planning, but you see how that worked out.  I don't know how brides-to-be do it.

Ok.  Mind cleared!  Have an awesome weekend.  Make the most of it.  Hubs and I are going on a field trip on Saturday! More on that next week.

Until next time. . . Don't go to Chilligans!


  1. I, a random stranger, also read your blog. ;-)

    I think maybe like five people read my blog but it just makes me feel better to write, even if what I have to say is utter nonsense. I write at work but it's different. I can't write what I want to write. I can't write about me and my thoughts and experiences. For me, it helps just to get my thoughts out into the universe, even if no one else reads it.

    1. Hey! Count me in your 5. I'm a faithful reader. I love reading blogs of people who live in the DC area, and I especially love your posts. They're always thoughtful and interesting. I haven't had a chance to read any blogs in about a week, but I'm headed over to your blog to check out your E. Badu post.

  2. Hello TJ, Just wanted to let you know that I follow you also. Through your writing I have learned a lot about you. Things that I wouldn't have know otherwise. Reading your blog makes my comment to the Mr. even more apparent. "Fluff, you got your self a good one." =)

    1. Gio!!! Thanks so much for reading and following! What a sweet comment. <3 So good to see you last weekend.