Saturday, May 18, 2013

Getting Ready (Our Wedding, Part 7)

So I'm in the throes of getting this dissertation done, and I'm pooped. Despite my exhaustion, I still have to celebrate our upcoming anniversary.  So, in the spirit of celebration, I'll just post a lot of pictures and add a few words about getting ready for the ceremony.

We decided to get fancy and have our makeup done. I highly recommend La'T Makeup Services.

My girl N getting the La'T treatment
Kye taking her turn in the chair

My sister, who was so busy helping that she missed most of these pics, f
ound these shirts for the bridal party. Too cute! 
While the bridal party was having their makeup done, my girlfriend and hair dresser was styling my locs:

It turned out even better than the trial run. 
Of course Mommy came in to give my look her special touch. 
And while I waited for the ladies to have their makeup completed, I found a little time to goof off! 

Meanwhile on another floor of the hotel. . . 

Dr. J, the best man, giving us his distant, reflective look. 

It was finally my turn to get in the makeup chair!
The makeup artist's warning:
"You knew you were going to marry him, so no need to do all that crying and ruin your makeup." Hilarious.

I prayed a little. 
And I chatted a little. 
After we had all been primped and preened, it was time to walk over to the Carnegie Institution for Science, which was right next door to put on my dress and do some final touchups.  My daddy stopped by my hotel room and scooped me up, and we were on our way.

Until next time . . . hold on! I'm about to tell you about the ceremony and reception.

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