Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspiration vs. Translation (Our Wedding, Part 5)

I explained a bit about the inspiration behind our wedding and how we tried to make our wedding feel like "us."

I also shared that I was addicted to Pinterest while I was wedding planning. As we near the end of my wedding series of posts, I figured I'd share some of my inspiration pics and how they translated in real life.

***Quick note: I saved most of these pictures well over a year ago, so I'm not sure where I got them from. Apologies to anyone who I do not reference!

Thanks to Marlo Herring for most of the beautiful wedding photography.

Inspiration for colors:

Our Translation:

 Mismatched bridesmaids inspiration:

This was the picture that let me know that it could look good and cohesive

This pic was inspiring because it was the first time I saw the metallics all together in print
 Our Translation: 

I LOVE my sister for having her printed dress made. It had all of the girls' colors in it. 
Another look at her dress

Classically-dressed groomsmen inspiration:
 Our translation
As you can tell, the groomsmen were a lively bunch. Love these guys.

Floral & Decor Inspiration:

Our interpretation: 

One of our friends caught this great photo!  
I still feel like these pictures don't capture the magic of the day, and they really don't because the magic was more about love and friendship than coordinated dresses, or flowers, or gold chargers on the tables, or suspenders and hand-tied bow ties.  But let's not act like the details didn't matter ;).  

Until next time . . . I'll be writing the last few posts in this wedding series!  

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