Sunday, May 12, 2013

We Get It from Our Mama

Yeah, I just started my Mother's Day tribute with a quote from Juvenille, but it's true. I can trace most of the things I love about myself back to the source - my mama!

I've written about my mommy before, but I can't let Mother's Day pass without giving her a little more love.

I know everyone thinks there mommy is special, but I'm telling you, they broke the mold when they made mine. I can't even type enough to tell you how special she is.

Thank you for:
~ My spiritual foundation - Because of you and Dad, I know how to pray my way out of tough times.

~ Encouraging me to pursue my education, but reminding me that I'm more than these degrees.

~ Teaching us about kindness, forgiveness, and patience - You embody all of these, and I know that I try to be kind, forgiving, and patient because of you.
There is nothing better than getting the Jones ladies together! 
~ Being funny - I mean, your rationale for foregoing a Mother's Day massage has got to be the funniest thing I've ever heard:  "Who wants to be naked and be rubbed by strangers? And for that amount of money?!?" Hilarious.
No massages, but she'll take a deluxe pedicure!
The two of us getting manis and pedis before the wedding.
~ My love of aesthetics - Every space we've ever lived in has been beautiful. You know how to make a house a home, even when funds are low. Thanks to you, I know how to go to Marshalls and TJ Maxx and make interior design magic.

~ My love for animals. You taught us to be lovers of animals. After all, God left them here under our care. Thanks for always giving good advice about how to help Tyson adjust to his new home.
Mom with our family pet, Oscar.
As you can see, they totally had their own thing going!
~ Good fashion sense - You created monsters! When you shake your head at the insane amounts of shoes that Tiff and I own, know that we own them because of you.
Mom, Dad, and Tiff stylin' on 'em at my wedding

~ How to get tough - Yeah, you're sweet and kind, but don't push you. Thanks for showing me how to speak my mind.

I really wish I could be in Houston today. You'll go to church, and they will honor you, not just for being a mother and the pastor's wife, but for being your own woman of God.  Y'all will probably go to dinner or have a cookout at the house. Maybe Daddy will fry some fish. Just keep my seat warm at the table. Know that I'm there in spirit, and that I'll be home SOON.  And no matter how far I go in life, or the countries I travel, or the folks that I meet, there's nothing better than being your Jellybean.

I just watched the cutest video where a little boy said MOM upside down is WOW. Whoever came up with that ain't lying.

Until next time, I'm off to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Toya I sure enjoyed reading this and every one of your posts. You definitely have a gift for writing :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'm still figuring this blogging thing out, but I LOVE doing it! Can't wait to read more posts from you ;)