Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On: Breaking Down

Happy Wednesday!

Here's a little something to get us all over "the hump"
"That Hump" by Erykah Badu

I feel like I'm breaking down, y'all!!! I need to get over this bad health habit "hump." 

So I failed to mention that we never made our little wine country, bed & breakfast excursion that I mentioned in one of my wedding planning and recap posts. Nope. I woke up in all kinds of pain the morning that we were supposed to leave. My sweet hubby ended up taking me to a nearby urgent care center.  Thank goodness nothing was seriously wrong - just a little dehydration.  We ended up staying home, getting some much needed rest, and celebrating our 1st year together watching a Dog Whisperer marathon in lieu of sipping wine & enjoying a great weekend in the countryside.  Maybe being home for the marathon was a blessing in disguise:

Tyson decided to help himself to some of our anniversary cake.  He's usually kinda loud and clumsy, but he operated like a smooth criminal that night.  Yup, snuck right into the dining room and went to work while we were watching TV.  Note the uniformity of his bites. It looks like he methodically nibbled. Bamma. 

Anyway, I thought I was all better by Sunday night, but I woke up Monday morning feeling lethargic and out of it.  I woke up Tuesday morning, full of hope and feeling productive. I started the day strong - listened to recordings of my dissertation participants, ran to the grocery store, put dinner in the Crockpot, recoded some data, read a colleague's paper, made some appointments, etc. Then, at around 2pm, I was out of it again.  My hubby had to come home and nurse me back to health. Tyson sorta redeemed himself, too. He provided lots of hugs and snuggles until Hubs got home.  I finally started feeling better this evening. I was able to finish dinner and tackle a little dissertation writing. 

As I was on my way upstairs to work on this post - OUCH!!! I felt a little "pinch" in my back.  I thought that maybe I made a wrong move and that the pain would go away, but about an hour later I'm still hurting. What is wrong with me?!?!?

I speculate that this is a temporary bodybreak down brought on by a few bad habits.  I'm writing this post to remind myself (and y'all) to make self-care a priority.  I need y'all to hold me to a couple of things:
  1. Going to the gym: I'm a faithful exerciser, but I haven't been able to get it right since my big job talk/interview last month. I walk Tyson faithfully, and I've jogged a few times here and there, but I need to really burn some calories. I need to sweat. I notice that when I exercise regularly, I always feel better - less headaches, milder cramps, more energy, etc. 
  2. Being mindful about my eating: My husband calls me a "food Nazi" because I have a pretty clean philosophy on eating - very little processed food, low sugar, low carb. I've mentioned that I use the mantra "protein and produce" as my philosophy to eating well. Well, lately I've been a little off of my eating plan. Maybe Tyson helping himself to some cake wasn't such a bad thing after all. I need to get back on the juicing bandwagon. All of the stuff is in the kitchen. 
  3. Going to bed earlier: I'm an insomniac. I became one when I enrolled in this doctoral program. For some reason, at about 11pm, all the issues that are weighing me down start to float around in my head.  As an avoidance mechanism, I start to read (this is when I catch up on reading blogs!). I know the light from my computer/iPad isn't helping my insomnia, so I need to cut it and go to bed. 
  4. Drinking more water: I have been slacking on my water intake, so I'm back to keeping track of how much water I'm consuming.  There is nothing cute about dehydration and chapped lips. Ew! 
I think these are the 4 keys to getting myself back together.  I'd been priding myself on being in my mid-30s, but still feeling like I'm in my 20's. Not so much these days, so I'm back on my wellness grind.  I know better, and I typically do better.  It's time to just get back into the swing of things.  Here's the great thing about a healthy body, it will typically repair itself.  I know that when I get back to good self-care, I'll be feeling better in no time. 

What about you? How are you feeling these days? Are you trying to get over a bad health habit hump, or do you have some advice for the rest of us? 

Until next time . . . get over your hump! Lord knows I'll be trying. 

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