Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Rehearsal Dinner (Our Wedding, Part 6)

We wrapped up our "extra special" wedding rehearsal. "Extra special" is not being used in a good way.  Make sure your day-of coordinator is on point. Hmph!

We wrapped our wedding rehearsal . . .

. . . and headed to our rehearsal dinner. Here are a few pics of this great evening with food, family, and friends. We all met post-wedding rehearsal at (now closed) The Cajun Experience. We chose this restaurant as a nod to my Gulf Coast roots. They gave us red carpet treatment.  It was an amazing evening.

Folks mixed and mingled as we waited for dinner to be served:

I tried to record as much as I could.
Bee and her awesome daughter who's graduating from college today! YAY!!!!
Love this pic! 
Some of our crew
J made it all the way from Houston to be a part of our special day. 
My flower girl and my auntie bonding before dinner. 
Hubs and my in-laws
Then it was finally time to stuff our faces. We served traditional cajun food and had beignets for dessert!  

Crawfish mac&cheese and etouffe'

Blackened chicken salad

I knew the camera was on me, so I was trying to have some manners ;).
After dinner, it was time for toasts:
My sister kicked it off
One of Hubs' dearest friends brought me to tears
And of course there was laughter.  One of my favorite pics from the evening.
After the toasts, Hubs and I gave a few remarks.  

Saying our thank yous
Then we gave some gifts to the bridal party.

Dr. J. and his new travel bag, Kobe. He's a hardcore Lakers Fan. Ha!
After dinner and gifts, it was time to part ways.  We posed for a few pics:

My sister, cousin, and their pearly whites.  
The fellas 
The ladies. Note the cute monogrammed bag my sister is holding.
It was how I packaged their gifts, which included wedding jewelry, pajamas, mugs, and flats for the reception. 
It was finally time to go. We sealed the evening with a kiss:
Stealing a kiss before we parted ways
And ended the night with a fist bump. 

Until next time . . . I'll be over here reminiscing and craving etouffe'! 

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