Monday, May 20, 2013

On: A Man, His Shorts, and "Guy-Clean"

A conversation that recently occurred in our house.

Hubby: (Yelling from the laundry room basement) Hey, babe! I need a laundry basket to bring some clean clothes upstairs!

Me: (Yelling downstairs to him) Well, just add the clothes in the dryer to a basket of clean clothes in the laundry room. 

Hubby: Which basket of clothes is clean? 

Me: (Agitated) Just smell them!!!

Hubby: (Bringing the basket upstairs to me) Here, you tak a whiff. You know my nose is off.  I use the "guy-clean" rules. 

Me: (Sniffing the clothes) These clothes are clean - girl-clean, whatever that means. (I roll my eyes in disgust)

Ummmm . . . WTF is guy clean?!?!

Sadly, my hubby's friends have cosigned on the fact that girls and guys use different metrics for determining when a piece of clothing is clean.  Here's the crazy thing, my husband is meticulous about the way he styles his clothes, so to hear him talk about guy vs. girl clean was a total shocker.  I believe guy clean means that there are no visible stains and/or they do not reek (too badly). Ew. That's gross.

The episode above is the most recent episode of girl- vs. guy- clean. Our never-ending battle over clean clothes usually happens about one particular item of clothes, my husband's beloved camouflage shorts, which he affectionately calls Camo:

Shawn and Camo in Portugal on our honeymoon. 
My husband takes these shorts wherever we go. They've been to Costa Rica, Portugal, and Spain.  They also travel stateside, having made appearances in LA, Vegas, and numerous trips to NYC.  They go to lots of concerts, museums, and outdoor events in the summer.  These shorts are well-traveled and cultured.  I think they get jealous when they get left at home, but that rarely happens.  My husband loves clothes, probably has more than me, but it just doesn't matter. He'd wear these shorts everyday if he could.

Whenever I'm doing laundry, and I see Mr. Camo lying around, we usually have the guy- vs. girl-clean debate.  I believe one day the shorts are going to march themselves over to the laundry machine and just take the plunge.

Do you all know about guy-clean? You and your significant other have any never-ending debates?  Am I making a big fuss over nothing?  Feel free to weigh in below in the comment section.

Until next time, I'll be sneaking Mr. Camo into the washer.

Happy Monday!


  1. If we are calling pieces of clothing out, I don't see any mention of Song of Solomon which is barely a note now since it's been run into the ground.

    1. You're right! I should tell the readers about my favorite t-shirt. But keep in mind, when I wear my shirt, it's CLEAN, and I mean girl-clean. LMAO. Love you!